The committee is made up of parents who meet once a month to support the Troop and is responsible for conducting the business of the Troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities. The committee is the link between the charter organization, Williamsburg United Methodist Church, and Troop operations. The committee also has the responsibility to provide adults for weekly Boards of Review (BoR).

It is encouraged that at least one of each Scout’s parents or guardians be active within the Troop. Roles within the committee can be great or small. By actively participating in the committee, parents provide support to the Scoutmaster Corps, the Scouts, and the Troop to ensure a successful BSA program is being provided. Committee members get an opportunity to develop friendships with other Scouting parents and their families. But most importantly they get the chance to enhance their sons’ Scouting experience by actively sharing in their sons’ Scouting adventure.

Committee duties include:

    • Carry out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America.
    • Ensure that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained, including recommending the Scoutmaster, approving the Assistant Scoutmasters, and the Troop merit badge counselors.
    • Recruit Committee membership and form sub-committees, as required.
    • Advise the Scoutmaster on policies relating to Boy Scouting and the charter organization.
    • Responsible for finances, adequate funding, and disbursements inline with the approved budget plan.
    • Plan and administer all the Troop fundraising events.
    • Obtain, maintain, and properly care for Troop property.
    • Administer the advancement program.
    • Serve on Boards of Review and Courts of Honor as required or needed.
    • Other responsibilities as may be required from time to time.


Don Reeves
Wunibald, Dave
David Wunibald
Committee Chair
Spencer, Robert
Robert (Bob) Spencer
Chartered Org. Rep.
West, Linda
Angelique Crawford
Little, Barb
Amy Jones
Nunn, David
David Nunn
Scoutmaster Emeritus
Marty, Doug
Doug Marty
Scoutmaster Emeritus



Shipp, Gregg
Gregg Shipp
Advancement Chair
Luck, Lawrence
Elvin Silsby
Advancement (BoR)
Gaul, John
John Gaul
Advancement Assistant



Armstrong, Tricia


Mangosing, Danny

Web / Publicity Coordinator

Pugh, James
Chris Walls
Equipment Coordinator
Merkel, Greg

Equipment Coordinator (Vice)

Rodriguez, Ray
Dr. Ray Rodriguez
AOLs-to-Scout Coordinator
Seftas, Mark
Alice Allred
Popcorn Kernel
Small, Aaron
Chad Samuelson
Eagle Advisor
Wolverton-Diggs, Gwen
Kim Daum
Uniform Coordinator
Young, April
Sarah Sallinas
Robles, Beth
Beth Robles



Berckmueller, Hugh
Hugh Berckmueller
Member at Large
La Rosee, Steve
Steve La Rosee
Member at Large
Magileri, John
John Magileri
Member at Large
Outlaw, Alain
Alain Outlaw
Member at Large
Watson, Michael
Mike Watson
Member at Large
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