Well thanks to Covid we could not do our annual Christmas party in the church! Luckily, the Senior Pastor granted us permission to setup a drive through lane in the parking lot all decorated with lights, inflatables, Christmas Trees, and members of the Scoutmaster Corps, Greenbar, and the Committee all dressed up for the occasion. Scouts and Parents got to drive thru the lane as we adults wished Scouts Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays! Scouts received a brand new red Nalgene with the Troop logo on it and filled with goodies as a gift from the Troop. Scouts also received any pending recognitions from the Scoutmaster. The Troop also collected for a food drive where we collected well over 500 cans of food that were all donated to the FISH foundation here in Williamsburg. What a great way to close out the crazy Covid year of 2020! Come on 2021 and let’s get it started.

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