About Troop 103

Troop 103's guiding philosophy is very simple:

To advance the aims and methods of the Scouting program according to the Boy Scouts of America.

The Boy Scouts Mission Statement is as follows:

The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated to provide a program for community organizations that offers effective character, citizenship, and personal fitness training for youth. Specifically, the BSA endeavors to develop American citizens who are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit; have a high degree of self-reliance as evidenced in such qualities as initiative, courage, and resourcefulness; have personal values based on religious concepts; have the desire and skills to help others; understand the principles of the American social, economic, and governmental systems; are knowledgeable about and take pride in their American heritage and understand our nations role in the world; have a keen respect for the basic rights of all people; and are prepared to participate in and give leadership to the American society.

The aims of the Scouting program are to build character, foster citizenship, and develop fitness. The ideals of Scouting are found in the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan. All Scouts are expected to live by these ideals.

Troop 103 supports the following methods in achieving the mission as stated above.

  • The patrol method develops leadership and teamwork abilities in a small group setting before it is applied on a larger Troop setting.
  • The outdoors is the key setting where the aims and methods are achieved. Weekend camping establishes self-reliance as the Scouts learn to work together and survive on their own.
  • Advancement creates a challenge to all Scouts by providing them with a series of obstacles to overcome. Furthermore, it provides a rewarded sense of accomplishment for the Scouts hard work and determination.
  • Personal growth is developed as Scouts provide service, advance, and develop a plan for the Scouting years.

All these activities provide an opportunity for the Scouts to grow as individuals and members of their community and religious organizations.

Troop 103 History

Troop 103 celebrates its 94th year (1924 – 2018) as a chartered Scout Troop in March of 2018. With all those years of helping make young Scouts develop into responsible young men we have a little bit of history to tell. The following is a brief history of the last 90 plus years for the Troop.

Troop 103 FlagAn excellent example of the tradition of the Troop lies in our Troop Flag. It was presented to the Troop in 1926 from President Calvin Coolidge and is proudly displayed in the Scout Hallway.

A little bit about who sponsored the Troop over the years. In 1950, when Jimmy Fuller became Scoutmaster, the Troop moved to the Methodist Church, which sat at the corner of Boundary and Duke of Gloucester Street and Richmond Road. They met in the Fellowship Hall and were sponsored by the Williamsburg Jaycees until 1983-84. The Williamsburg United Methodist Church has sponsored the Troop since 1984.

Jimmy Fuller
Jimmy Fuller
First, a little information about Jimmy Fuller before he became the Scoutmaster. He was a war hero during WWII. Stationed aboard a liberty ship that was torpedoed, he used his skills as a championship swimmer from Vanderbilt University, and saved either three or four seamen that couldn’t swim that well when the ship went down. When the ship went down, he managed to escape dressed only in his skivvy shorts and his 45-caliber pistol was the only thing he saved off the ship.

He was the Scoutmaster from 1950 until 1980. There was a one-and-a-half year period, as Scoutmaster that he switched places with the Troop Committee Chairman because he decided he had been Scoutmaster long enough. It didn’t work out, so he became Scoutmaster again. He was really only Scoutmaster for about 28 years but he was with the Troop for 30. In 1978, he became sick; he had emphysema and all kinds of other problems. During that point in time, David L. Nunn became acting Scoutmaster from 1978 until 1980.

David Nunn
David Nunn
As Scoutmaster, David Nunn spent over 24 years building the Troop into one of the finest in the State. During his tenure his accomplishments include the following:
  • He was awarded the Silver Beaver, the highest award that may be presented by a local council.
  • He was the first scouter in the Commonwealth of Virginia to receive the George A. Meany Award, a national recognition approved by the AFL-CIO Executive Council.
  • He was the first adult in the Troop to receive Vigil Honor from the Order of the Arrow.
  • He received the Den Leaders Award in 1976, earned his Wood Badge Beads in 1977, and received the Boy Scout Training Award in 1979 and the District Award of Merit in 1983 along with the Scouter’s Key Award and finally, he received the God and Service Award in 1994.
  • He was awarded the Scoutmaster Award of Merit in 1987. At that time he was recognized as one of the top 70 Scoutmasters in the country.

Along with the many things he accomplished with the Troop, he was very involved with scouting at much higher levels. He was a member of the team that helped re-write the new Scout Handbook currently in use. He also has been very involved in several of the National Jamborees. For his first three Jamborees, he was an Assistant Scoutmaster and, in 1997 and 2001, he was the Scoutmaster. In this capacity, he had approximately 300 people working for him. As you can see, Mr. Nunn was very involved in the scouting program and in 2004 was promoted to “Scoutmaster Emeritus” or Scoutmaster for Life of Troop 103.

Jimmy Etchberger
Jimmy Etchberger
Back when Mr. Nunn first became an Assistant Scoutmaster under Jimmy Fuller, one of his first tasks was to recruit one of the Troop’s Junior Assistant Scoutmasters into the role of Assistant Scoutmaster when he turned 18 years old. That was how Jimmy Etchberger became one of the Troops adult leaders in 1977 and in 2004, after 27 years as an assistant; Jimmy Etchberger took over as the Scoutmaster for the Troop.

Jimmy Etchberger, having grown up in Williamsburg and having an older brother in the troop, joined Troop 103 in 1971. Following in his brother’s footsteps, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1974. They were the first brothers to both earn the rank of Eagle in the Troop. As mentioned above, first working as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and then becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster in 1977, he had completed all adult scout leader training. Being very involved in the scouting program, not only with the Troop, but also with the Council and District, earned him the Silver Beaver Award in 1985.

Dave Coppinger
Dave Coppinger
At the start of the 2008 scouting year, Dave Coppinger was appointed Scoutmaster of Troop 103. He became only the 4th Scoutmaster to serve in that capacity in the previous 60 years of Troop 103 prior to 2008. Dave Coppinger, himself an Eagle scout, followed his two sons into Troop 103 after having served as Committee Chair and later, Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 103.

Doug Marty
Doug Marty
In June of 2010, Doug Marty was appointed Scoutmaster of Troop 103 and served in this role until leaving the area in late 2016. Like Dave Coppinger, Doug Marty bridged over with his son from Cub Scout Pack 103 into Troop 103 and also served as Cubmaster of the pack. Both Mr. Coppinger and Mr. Marty have continued the troop’s tradition of committed leadership to the scouts and members of Troop 103 and with their dedication to the Scouting program. With the departure of Doug Marty, Dave Coppinger briefly stepped back into the role of Scoutmaster to finish out the 2016 year.

Don Reeves
Don Reeves
In January 2017, a newcomer to the Troop, Don Reeves was selected to step into the role as the Scoutmaster of Troop 103. Don had spent several years in Pack 103 as a Den Leader of a Webelos den and crossed over into the Troop in 2014 when his son bridged up into the Troop. Don immediately joined the Scoutmaster Corps and began doing his part to continue the active program of the Troop. Don grew up in Scouting in Florida, then went on to serve a 28 year and 10 month career in the U.S. Army before retiring and settling the family down in Williamsburg. Don continues to serve in the role as Scoutmaster to the present day.

From the standpoint of Eagle Scouts, the Troop’s first one was Ross Cottingham. The next one was Jimmy Fuller’s first one and his name was Andy Nea. As Troop 103 Scoutmaster, Jimmy Fuller had 33 scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout. David Nunn as Scoutmaster, from 1980 until 2004 had 103 scouts earn the rank. With Jimmy Etchberger as Scoutmaster from 2004 to 2008, 29 scouts earned their Eagle rank; with Dave Coppinger from 2008 to 2010: 14 scouts; with Doug Marty from 2010-2016: 40 scouts. Now with Don Reeves as Scoutmaster, 10 Scouts have already earned the rank of Eagle Scout with even more Scouts ready to complete their Boards of Review for the rank of Eagle!

We have well over 200 Eagle Scouts!

Troop 103 Eagle's Nest

Eagle MedalA boy who earns the Eagle Scout rank will always carry with him the honor of a sense of special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. That is why he is an Eagle Scout for life. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 2 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting — citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness — remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

Eagle PatchThe list of accomplishments of Troop 103’s Eagles is impressive. Among them you’ll find successful businessmen, engineers, artists, teachers, and outstanding students. They represent the future of America.The individuals listed below have all earned their Eagle Rank with Troop 103 since 1980. As you can see from the large numbers, there are many scouts in this elite group. Please check through the listing for Scouts you know. Congratulations!


Eric Cruz, 1980
Steve Nunn, 1980
John Dutro, 1980
Tom Willis, 1980


Ben Brown, 1981
Bill Grose, 1981


Rick Brummer, 1982
Chris Hager, 1982
Jeff Harmon, 1982
Eric Johnston, 1982
Jon Cruz, 1982
Spencer Gilmore, 1982


John Mulligan, 1983
Ed Woodcock, 1983
Jim Henegar, 1983
Richard Tisdale, 1983
Bart DeYoung, 1983


William Johnson III, 1984
Jeff Rountree, 1984
Bob Harrison, 1984
Jim Smith Jr., 1984
Doug Dow, 1984


Wesley Grose, 1985


Tom Harrison, 1986
Steve Reinhart, 1986
Chris Rouzie, 1986
Heath Frillici, 1986
Ben Hoffmier, 1986


Walker Mulligan, 1987
Chris Rountree, 1987
Rich Smith, 1987
James Whitehead Jr., 1987
Robert Patterson, 1987


Russell Efird, 1989
Ray Ellis III, 1989
Reed Hoffmier, 1989
Kurt DeYoung, 1989
Michael Kauffmann, 1989
Bryan Rozman, 1989


Gray Berryman, 1990
Chad Jamison, 1990
Chris Helwig, 1990
Glenn McGregor, 1990
Michael Grose, 1990
Matt Hubbard, 1990
Paul Johnson, 1990
Scott MacLeod, 1990
Chris Welch, 1990


Gus Barkstrom, 1991
Keller Grayson, 1991
Tad Howard, 1991
David McGregor, 1991


Ray Jaklitsch, 1992
Ryan Kershner, 1992
Carsten Frey, 1992
Chris McCloskey, 1992
Jason Zick, 1992


Sean Vulcan, 1993
John Duckworth, 1993


Chris Vrettos, 1994
Johnny Lee, 1994


Rashad Brown, 1995
Mike Johnson, 1995
Jon Kauffmann, 1995
Nick West, 1995
Davy Altman, 1995
Ron Hudik, 1995
Allen Miller, 1995


Ryan Johnston, 1996
Brian Montgomery, 1996
Ben Pickin, 1996
Jason Keagy, 1996
Ricky Stone, 1996
William Liu, 1996
Mike Welch, 1996


Steve Roberts, 1997
Clay Whitehead, 1997
Tim Henegar, 1997
Ross Hemp, 1997


Kurt Werlau, 1998
Joey Wilke, 1998
William Sowers, 1998
Mike Miller, 1998
Stephen Shepard, 1998
Charles Edwards, 1998
Danny Noah, 1998


Ron Campana, 1999
Ryan Georgianna, 1999
Justin Helton, 1999
Sev Nunn, 1999


Ed Kladder, 2000
Andrew Kuhn, 2000
Nathan Bryant, 2000
Chris Coppinger, 2000


Parker West, 2001
Peter Dreisbach, 2001


Vince Campana, 2002
Andrew Outlaw, 2002
Braden Field, 2002


Jason Helton, 2003
Chris Heberling, 2003
Kyle Coppinger, 2003
Jordan Powers, 2003


Brent Norton Jr., 2004
Brad Davis, 2004


Justin Nunn, 2005
Thomas Hunt, 2005
Parker Field, 2005
Will Westerman, 2005
Carl Young, 2005
Whitt Suiter, 2005
Jimmy Myatt, 2005
Chris Burns, 2005
Nick Ouellette, 2005
Will Shackelford, 2005
Joe Niewola, 2005
Torbet Lovelace, 2005


Matt Eversole, 2006
Brennen Kilmon, 2006
Michael Parsons, 2006
Justin Brooks, 2006
Michael Milkavich, 2006


Charlie Maimone, 2007
Tommy Myatt, 2007
John Socha, 2007
Stuart Hughs III, 2007
Sean Barnhill, 2007
Franky Martin, 2007
Cameron Crawford, 2007
Bryan Heberling, 2007
Roy Quesenberry, 2007
Taylor Overton, 2007


Richard Campana, 2008
Ian Homewood, 2008
Zach Bruss, 2008
Stephen Kline, 2008
John Spaetzel, 2008
Ross Niewola, 2008
Ben Ellis, 2008
Drake Kuhn, 2008
Nick Nunn, 2008


Abi Berhanu, 2009
Kyle Repeta, 2009
Bobby Davis, 2009


Matt Bingham, 2010


Mike Maglieri, 2011
David Vest, 2011
Jimmy Hewitt, 2011
Heth Curtis, 2011
Zach Rauchwarg, 2011
Adam King, 2011
Carter Socha, 2011
Nick Williams, 2011


Tim Mills, 2012
Arthur Preston, 2012
Kurt Berckmueller, 2012
Andrew Kersey, 2012
James Daum, 2012
Adam Watson, 2012
Patrick Gillespie, 2012
Daniel Saha, 2012


Garrett Gipson, 2013
Sam (Seok) Park, 2013
Bradley Phinney, 2013
Travis Apostoles, 2013
Brandon Roos-McClinton, 2013
Tim Felbinger, 2013
Tyler Zminkowski, 2013
Justin Bradley, 2013


Drake Cole, 2014
Mitch Sillery, 2014
Bryce Baker, 2014
James Sabin, 2014
Dalton Mitchell, 2014
William Friedrichs, 2014
Christopher Monahan, 2014
Christopher Cordasco, 2014


Donald Gray, 2015
Michael Geeseman, 2015


Chase Canova, 2016
Johnny Brown, 2016
Nathan Anderson, 2016
Sam Robles, 2016
Ross Wunibald, 2016
Jacob Johnson, 2016
Peter Stiglitz, 2016


Jesse Nelson, 2017
Alex Hedstrom, 2017
Mason Kolda, 2017
Ryan Wentz, 2017
Daniel Geeseman, 2017


Nathaniel Baker, 2018
Matthew LaRoseé, 2018
Nathan Denny, 2018
Jeffrey Seiders, 2018
Thomas Kueser, 2018
Nicholas Rauchwarg, 2018
Charles Krohn, 2018
Jack Kulaga, 2018
Steven Little, 2018


Alex Armstrong, 2019
Jacob Sandling, 2019
Kainoa Samuelson, 2019
Matthew Orrell, 2019
Michael Orrell, 2019
Logan Alleman, 2019
Matthew Mangosing, 2019
Franklin West, 2019
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