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Great American Shootout Support Needed—Parents Please Read!!

Great American ShootoutTroop 103 Parents,

We need your support next month for the Great American Shootout (GASO) 18-19 May 2019. The GASO requires a number of adult volunteers to ensure all ranges are run safely and efficiently. The GASO is planned and supervised by an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and each range is run by an adult with extensive firearms experience and safety training. Each range is also staffed by adult volunteers who help run each range and who directly supervise all Scouts while they’re handling a firearm. Additionally the GASO requires considerable resources, specifically ammunition, clay pigeons, throwers and other equipment. Please take a look at the following requirements and let me know if you can help out with any of them.

  1. Adult Support for the Ranges. Throughout the day Saturday we rely on adult volunteers to help run the ranges. While previous shooting experience is a plus it is not required to help out. An experienced adult is in charge of each range and will tell you everything you need to know and do (most adult volunteers will support the shotgun range). No matter if you can only spend a couple of hours or all day Saturday, all are welcome and needed. If you’d like to bring your gear and camp with us Saturday night we’d love to have you. If you can help out please let me know how much time on Saturday 18 May you can volunteer and if you’re camping.

    **Adult volunteers also get to shoot!!

  2. Equipment/ Supplies needed for the GASO. If you can loan or donate any of the following items please let me know.

    a. Mechanical trap/bird throwers. Any kind or type will do and we'll take good care of them.
    b. Wood pallets (3) and large sheet pieces of cardboard for .22 target backing. These are a donation as they will get shot up at the .22 range.
    c. Shotgun ammunition in 12, 20 or .410 gauge. Any donations of these gauges will increase the amount of shooting the Scouts get to do. Nothing larger than #7 shot please and no 3” shells.
    d. .22 Long Rifle rim fire ammunition. Any amount, any type will help out greatly.
    e. Shotguns in 12, 20 and .410 gauge. We try and have a good number of different kinds/sizes of shotguns to have something that fits every Scout. All types of actions are needed (break and pump) especially semi-automatic 12 gauges which are the favorite for most of the Scout. We’ll take very good care of any shotgun you lend us/
    f. Clay pigeons, any color, any amount.

  3. Personally Owned Firearms. Scouts can bring their own shotguns and .22 rifles with approval from their parents. If your Scout has a personally owned firearm he'd like to bring please contact me.

I need to know in advance of all firearms being brought to the GASO. I will provide instructions for dropping off/picking up firearms. No firearms will be taken to the troop drop off site at Norge Elementary School.

Thanks in advance for your support and please call me know if you have any questions.


Mr. Rick Monahan — Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 103

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