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Troop 103 Campout Medication Procedure

First Aid patchParents of Troop 103 Scouts:

We are implementing a new process to better handle medications for Scouts on weekend campouts. There will be a similar workflow for SummerCamp, but more on that later!

Starting with this coming weekend’s campout at Endview Plantation, please use the following steps to better help the Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs), in your Scouts medication administration. Please open and print off the attached document. This will serve as a summary sheet for meds to be given for the weekend event.

IN ADDITION, please place each individual dose of any medications needed for the weekend, into a “Snack Sized” Ziplock bag along with a 3x5 index card on which is written your Scout’s name, the medicine name, and when that particular dose of med is to be given (see time options listed on attached document). If more than one medicine is to be given at the same time (say 7am Saturday), place all of these doses in the same snack-sized ziplock bag, and write all meds on the same 3x5 card for that time.

With these smaller Snack-sized ziplock bags, then please place all of this into a larger 1 gallon Ziplock bag with your Scout’s name written on the outside of that bag as well. this larger bag, along with the completed attached sheet will be turned over to the Adult in charge of meds for that weekend’s campout. In the case for this coming weekend, this will be Dr Rodriguez, so of course that helps a lot!!

Hopefully this is not too confusing, but will prove to help your scouts and the adults on the campouts with safe and proper medication handling.

For larger items like inhalers, nasal sprays or EpiPens, please place those in the same larger 1 gallon Ziplock bag with a separate 3x5 card with instructions of when/how your scout is to use these.

We understand this may take some getting used to, but please know that we have your Scout’s and the non-medical ASM’s best interests in mind. Please feel free to contact me or Dr Rodriguez directly with any questions.

Yours in Scouting,


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