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All Scouts should learn the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and Outdoor code

All Scouts should learn the Basic Scout Knots

Learn about your Rank Advancement Requirements

         Scout Rank Requirements

Tenderfoot Rank Requirements

Second Class Rank Requirements

First Class Rank Requirements

Star Rank Requirements

Life Rank Requirements

Eagle Scout Rank Requirements

Board of Review Procedure

  1. Be sure all the requirements in your Scout Handbook are signed/initialed and dated. Review your book with your Patrol Leader to make sure your advancement requirements are met.
    1. Complete your Board of Review form. Your Board of Review form must be complete (front and back). Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
      1. [Scout/Tenderfoot/SecondClass/FirstClass]
      2. [Star and Life]
    2. Review your book and Board of Review form with your Patrol Leader
    3. Have your form signed and dated by the Senior Patrol Leader.
    4. Sign-up for your Scoutmaster Conference (The sign-up clipboard is usually located on one of the tables in the meeting area).
    5. After you have completed your Scoutmaster Conference, sign-up for a Board of Review on the clipboard. Once you have been notified, submit your signed and completed Board of Review form to the Advancement Chair. This gets you on the Board of Review schedule.
    6. Once the Advancement Chair has your form, he will print out your Scoutbook Troop 103 BOR for Scout-First Class record and forward the record to the committee members who will comprise your review board.
    7. Your Board of Review will generally be scheduled the week after your form is received.
    8. Attend your Board of Review in full Class ‘A’ uniform and be prepared for a uniform inspection. Remember that full Class ‘A’ uniform means: BSA scout shirt (with all standard BSA patches including patrol and quality unit patch), pants, belt, socks, merit badge sash, Troop 103 neckerchief and hat. The uniform inspection will follow closely to the BSA Uniform Inspection Checklist.
    9. Bring your Scout Handbook, Board of Review form, and binder with all your merit badge cards and certificates.

Board of Review Form

Click here to download Troop 103 BOR for Scout-First Class

Click here to download Troop 103 BOR for Star-Life

Sample Board of Review Questions

Click here to download a copy of the Guide to Conducting Board of Reviews document

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