This past Saturday and Sunday Scouts from Troop 103 descended onto the St. George’s Hundred neighborhood in order to assist Life Scout Jordan E. with his Eagle Project completion. Before the weekend Jordan had already spent countless hours in planning and preparing for his project. He enlisted the help of a neighborhood master woodworker and carpenter to help design and build a new neighborhood informational board sign. The sign is a two-sided design with cork and dry erase magnetic boards on both sides in order to inform residents entering and leaving the neighborhood. His project included installing the new sign near the entrance of the neighborhood, restoration of flower bed edging at the neighborhood’s park, installing bushes and flowers at the park, and the demolition of the neighborhood’s existing sign. Jordan was able to get all of the installations complete after 2 days of work. Thank you to those Scouts and leaders that came out to work on Jordan’s Eagle Project. He greatly appreciate’s all of your efforts to help him complete his Eagle Project! Congratulations Jordan and job well done!

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