Pioneering Merit Badge Pamphlet

Pioneering Merit Badge Workbook

Scouts and Parents,

Hello.  This coming Saturday we will be constructing Three-Rope Double A-Frame Monkey Bridges at the campout.  Not only a lot of fun to build, but this activity serves as an opportunity to complete task #10 of the Pioneering Merit Badge.  I am leading this merit badge over the next few weeks to help interested scouts earn this badge.   This merit badge is not overly challenging and it teaches great life skills and is a lot of fun.

The following scouts have signed up to earn this badge:

Robbie Bussey

Dillon Salinas

Thomas Berquist

David Grappe

Brody Cox

Jeffrey Hennessy

Dennis Tate

Connor Kufro

Those not signed up and wanting to earn the badge, please respond by email or see me tomorrow night.

I attached both the merit badge worksheet and the merit badge pamphlet.  Need all scouts wanting to earn the badge to print the worksheet and bring it to meetings and the campout.  I will check for these tomorrow night and we will fill out the blue merit badge cards.  This will be their record of their work on the merit badge.

The merit badge pamphlet has all the information needed to complete the merit badge requirements, plus a lot more interesting information.  Since it is 100 pages long, I don’t recommend printing it.  The troop library has a few copies of the pamphlet, so if you want a hard copy while working on this badge, see the librarian at the meeting.

To prepare for the campout and building the Monkey Bridge, I need all scouts working on the badge to complete the following:

  • Worksheet Task #1 – Read section 2, Pioneering Safely (pages 9-16 and fill out the requirements on the worksheet.  Complete before Saturday.
  • Worksheet Task #7 – Read pages 53-57 and fill out the requirements in the worksheet.  This is an important task for the Monkey Bridge construction. Complete before Saturday.
  • Worksheet Task #2b – Bring a piece of rope, approximately 6 feet long to the meeting tomorrow night.  We will demonstrate and practice the required knots.  See pages 28-35.
  • Worksheet Task #2c – Read the section on lashings (pages 59-69) and become familiar with the different lashing types and their uses.  We will use this on Saturday.

Contact me if you have questions.

Mr. Meyer, ASM

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