2019 October Perm Slip- Mountain Trip
October 18-19-20, 2019
Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, September 18, 2019    Cost is $45.00 per Scout. This covers all food and extra backpacking supplies.
Hey Scouts, We are going hiking and backpacking in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, in Virginia. This adventure will challenge all levels of our Scouts. The hikes will be designed to each scouts experience and ability. No one hike is better than another, all are superb. (Sorry to all others, but 1styear Scouts get the 800’ waterfalls hike, apple trees and camping in an Alpine Meadow)
This adventure will require lots of additional planning and preparation. We will need to commit early for this trip as we need drivers/advisors, and Greenbar will put the crews together. Rangers will handle all shakedowns to get all scouts and adultsready for their hike. You must attend all shakedowns in order to go on the hike for which you will qualify, if you miss shakedowns, you might be put on a less challenging trek, because you may be un-prepared.  
 Shakedown dates are Sept. 30, Oct, 7 & 14. (All Mondays)
Start now preparing for this trip
    • How are your boots? If you need to get a new pair, do so now and start wearing them. You want them broken in real good for this trip. Need boots? >QM’s for Troop boots.
    • A rain suit is the best to hike and camp in if raining. Shop around; this could be an item you go halves with your parents to buy. It is also gear you will use for camping.
Look on the troop website for helpful information and checklist for Backpacking.
    • Sign-up with your patrol leader, starting now,by bringing in your permission slip (emailed home and found on our website) and your $ 45.00 check to :BSA Troop 103 Memo; Mountains
No later than September 18th.   NO LATECOMERS
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